International Trends

The transformational and sustainable programs of the International Trends and Services facet are designed to provide humanitarian outreach related to the education, health care, and basic human needs of people from developing nations who are of African descent; to advocate on behalf of people from developing nations of African descent who are oppressed or victimized; and to promote global awareness among the youth that we mentor in our communities.


Through the signature program, Education Across the Miles, and program initiatives, chapters have most recently addressed the pressing needs of women and children in the African nations of Liberia. Chapters have provided in-kind donations, monetary support, and professional expertise in curriculum and lesson plan development to schools in Liberia. The Maternal Waiting Home program helps to alleviate the complications and health issues in mothers and newborns due to deliveries without the assistance of trained medical professionals. The Links, Incorporated has also provided postnatal “Maama Kits” containing essential items for mothers and newborns.


In addition, The Links, Incorporated has provided support to women and children in Haiti through the distribution of women’s survival kits. Using local connections to connect with Haitian organizations, Links chapters have sent thousand of kits containing items needed for personal hygiene and daily living of Haitian women and children in Haiti.