National Trends

The National Trends and Services facet is committed to empowering communities by addressing the economic and social disparities in finance, housing, violence prevention, political influence, and empowerment.  The program initiatives are:


Anti-Bullying: Trash Talking: It’s No Joke! – To bring awareness to the growing crisis of bullying, the goal of this initiative is to empower youth with the tools and skills to address bullying in all forms.


AARP Links Academy – The Links Academy is a national partnership with AARP to implement innovative, comprehensive program tools and resources to support African Americans who are either preparing for life as they age or are currently dealing with the aging process.


Wallet Wise Program – A national partnership with Ally Financial to implement a financial literacy program, the Wallet Wise program is aimed at helping people make better financial decisions by providing them with information about budgeting, credit reports, and credit scoring as well as providing other tools in an effort to assist them in making informed financial choices.


Habitat for Humanity – To address the need for affordable housing, the partnership with Habit for Humanity sets the groundwork for chapters to work collaboratively with local Habitat for Humanity affiliates, volunteer at Habitat sites, raise awareness about the need for affordable housing, and provide needed resources.